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I Run2Revive in memory of my father

In November 2011, I had just learned that my father, John Daniel, who was 62 at the time, had been diagnosed with ALS. I was truly unaware of ALS and its devastating effects on the mind / body connection. What I did know was the inevitable outcome and that my time with my father would be limited. Knowing that ALS would eventually lead to total paralysis and eventual death was tough.

Despite his diagnosis, my Father would continue to work full-time as a mechanical engineer, battle the disease, maintain his devotion to his family, and embark on adventures to Dubai, Nashville, and Scotland. He had quite the bucket list. He would battle ALS with every ounce of energy and stubbornness, and was not going to give up without a fight. Despite his suffering, every photo of him shows a strong and sincere smile.

Sadly, my dad lost his battle with ALS on January 6th, 2013. His commitment and dedication to his career and maintaining a purpose kept him in the office just 2 weeks before he passed. He was determined to preserve his core values for hard work, kindness and his belief for putting family first. The way he lived his life is both admirable and inspiring and will forever will be a benchmark of motivation in my life. 

I am taking on the Grand Canyon Rim2Rim Challenge to push myself way out of my own comfort zone. In a quote made by the legendary South African rugby player Joost Van Der Westhuizen, who sadly lost his battle with ALS recently, he stated that "There are two things we take for granted everyday- time & health. The moment you loose them, only then do you wake up." I plan on never taking either of these luxuries for granted ever again.

ALS is a disease that has taken away so many people's control and ownership over their own body. Let's please join together, strengthen our fight, and put ALS in the history books

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