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I Run2Revive for my mom

January 2018, I set out to change my life for the better. I was extremely overweight and knew it was only a matter of time before my health would be seriously impacted by my weight. Through healthy eating and exercising, to-date, I've lost 90 lbs; I am stronger and more active than I've ever been; and I'm motivated and excited to take on challenges I NEVER thought possible.

I lost my mom to Alzheimer's in November 2018. She had been battling the disease for 7 years and passed away at the age of 70. I watched first-hand, as Alzheimer's changed her from a fun, vibrant, active and loving woman to someone that was often scared, frustrated, unable to recognize family and friends and eventually non-communicative and non-mobile. While she may not have been able to relish in watching me reach new goals in my health journey (she would be so proud!), I cannot think of a better way to honor her, by taking on the Rim2Rim challenge!

Shara, Claire, Mark, Sarah, and Elizabeth have a team goal of $10,000!


$14,847 Raised - 148% of Team Goal


19% Raised by Shara

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