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We Run2Revive for Kristin…

Lila and I have been training for a running adventure which is soon arriving. Drawn by our love of nature, thrill of a challenge and joy in doing fun things together and with other friends, we will run the Rim to Rim (to Rim, perhaps) in the Grand Canyon.

We are running with Run2Revive which fundraises to support medical research for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) which is a progressive neurological disorder that results in the eventual loss of all muscle strength including respiratory muscles.

As a pulmonary physician, I am inspired by people with ALS who use their courage and trust to rely on family, friends, caretakers and machines called ventilators just to open their lungs to breath and cough. I met Kristin recently as she was transitioning from independent breathing to relying on machine support. She is a mother of two beautiful high school boys and she has a clear goal to see them through their graduation in 3 years. In less than 7 months, she went from driving them around and doing her own dancing to being bedridden, unable to speak or swallow, and now unable to breath and cough effectively. Her rapid decline has been frightening, but she has taken all steps to get the best care and support and she has a community rallying around her.

Unfortunately, we do not have medical treatments to prevent ALS or even to halt its progress. In an age where so many new medical therapies are being developed, I believe that we will soon have new ways to help ALS patients retain and hopefully regain function.

So, I am honored to be able to join in the fundraising goal as part of the Rim2Rim running event and ask you to take a second to reflect on a contribution to help ALS research as you take your next few breaths.

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