I Run2Revive for my Grandmother

I Run2Revive to honor this incredible lady and to remember her love, her selflessness, and her energetic personality. In 2008 my Grandmother lost her battle with Alzheimer's after struggling to be the wife, mother, grandmother, sister, loyal friends, and business owner that she had always been. Almost 10 years battling a terminal illness and for 8 of those years, She continued to run her business, always put others before herself, and brightened the day with her infectious laughter. She had a level of love, care, and affection that I have seldom seen since. Even Alzheimer's, notorious for changing personalities and fueling anger, would rarely alter my grandmother's character.

Losing someone you care so much about is incredibly painful and it's a harsh reminder that we cannot take a healthy mind and body for granted. I've always loved playing sports but I have developed a passion for an active lifestyle. I love to run, hike, cycle, climb, explore, challenge myself, and even smash through my perceived limits from time-to-time! I can't imagine my life without physical activity.

Alzheimer's and ALS are 2 of the most devastating diseases that threaten to take our mind or our body from us. If, like me, you don't want that to happen to you or the people you care about, please consider donating. I believe that anything is possible and we will cure Alzheimer's and ALS. We need to continue to fund the brilliant minds that dedicate their lives to finding the answer. At Run2Revive, we are making sure that every dollar raised is given directly to the scientists that are researching for the prevention and cure.

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